How it all started...


Our co-founder Doug Razzano and son were camping and fishing at Lee's Ferry, Arizona in 2018. In the early morning, pre-sunrise excitement to get to a fly fishing spot, Doug accidentally kicked the placed three-pound rock off the RV Patio Mat corner which caused a fall and a black and blue toe and in the following weeks the loss of that toenail. Not kidding.

In April 2019 Reliable Camping Gear was formed on a windy morning with co-founder Jeff Davis at an RV site when a gust of wind lifted the Patio Mat, threw the placed rocks, tossed the chairs as we witnessed the trash can rolling away.  We just looked at each other and said there has to be a better way to have the "Rugs Stay Down."  At that moment, we agreed to start a company focused on building safe and secure products to prevent injuries and damage while camping.

That morning we started measuring, sketching, and crafting the initial Rugs Stay Down design, the Trash Can, Canopy Secure and the RV Antenna Utility weighting products. The positive product design and prototype feedback from RV and Trailer Campers, Farmers Market vendors, and Partners cemented our mission for designing Smarter, Safer, Solutions for outdoor enthusiast.  

Doug Razzano



As a Co-Founder and a product designer, Doug brings startup entrepreneur experience has years of experience building relationships, running companies, ran a retail wine shop, he’s licensed millions of dollars software into technology vendors such as IBM, Accenture, and VMware. Doug is an experienced business development executive, camper, RV owner, outdoor enthusiast, hunter, and fisherman. Doug owns sales, licensing and manages the business side of the relationships at Reliable Camping Gear.

Jeff Davis


As a Co-Founder, Jeff runs the engineering, product quality, and product design. Jeff brings broad experience of over thirty years of camping, NASCAR, marine, and RVing expertise. He has rebuilt RV's from the frame up and growing up in the Central US has camped in tornadoes, microbursts and understands how inclement weather affects the camping experience. Jeff owns product design, use case viability, competitive market analysis and the manufacturer relationships for products at Reliable Camping Gear.

Roland Cleveland

Founder / Engineered Soft Technology-Engineering Advisor & Alliance Partner

Roland Cleveland is the owner of Engineered soft technology, where we can take your ideas and turn them into finished products. Roland started in the RV business in 1970 and worked his way up to service manager in Albuquerque New Mexico. Later moving to Arizona where he owned a mobile RV service business. Opened an FAA certified Balloon repair station in Scottsdale and earned a repairman certificate. Roland has been sewing commercially since 1992.

Engineered soft technology is an engineer and design based sewing business specializing in one of a kind products. We also do marine canvas products using all the latest innovations and materials.